Monday, March 10, 2008

Key Message Dicks

My revelation for today: during a web conference I kind of said instead of “Key Message Decks” an inspired “Key Message Dicks” expression. Good thing I was not supposed to say “Key Message Black Decks“ – it would have been indeed an interesting approach. And thank God it was only Rachel in the call.

Anyway, Rachel, my colleague was very amused and she laughed for minutes. The only problem now is that the “dick” got stuck in my brain. And on Wednesday we have this really big deal presentation, for several LOBs in the organization (over 200 people) and I have to raise again the key message presentation. I can really bet that my stubborn kinky-oriented mind got stuck forever on the dicks (like in that Seinfeld series). And the presentation will be recorded:)

Yupiiiiii....ok, i will get fired of course, but at least i will get in the history as the first one to have said "Dick" during a presentation.

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