Monday, January 12, 2009

Birthday resolution list

- Go to gym at least three times per week, to sauna at least once per week and take swimming lessons
- Be relaxed, smiling, poised, self confident, cool ice queen at work
- Travel at least once a month to a most desired destination (start with London this weekend, next Dublin and so on)
- Take photography classes and buy the Nikon N90
- Start Mountain Biking Tours in Scotland once I bring my car from abroad (and buy the mountain bike, of course)
- Be more loving to the ones I care about, show them my affection and try not to be the cold bitch all the time
- Bring my parents to visit Scotland
- Be the best professional at work, plan everything and carefully prepare strategies to achieve goals
- Eat only fish, no other meat allowed

Will not:
- Let anyone annoy me anymore
- Get upset easily; instead deeply breathe and focus on positive thinking
- Eat so many chocolate doughnuts
- Spend so much money on useless clothes I will never actually wear
- Be lazy (hmmm…that’s kinda difficult)

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